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COMBAT RACE 2016 - Invitation

11. june 2016.

This year's Combat race competition held within Kulenijada organized by the Municipality of Jagodnjak! With our competition, Kulenijada will be full of content and provide the opportunity to enjoy several days in Baranja products. Kulenijada runs from 09th to 12th June The evaluation of Kulen will be held June 9 (Thursday), on Friday, 10 th of June will be held concert of rock group Partibrejkers (which is free for registered contestants Combat race), but Saturday is our race. On Sunday, the competition in "Gypsy baking". 
Entry fee is occasional, but will not reduce the quality of the organization and the wealth of impressions!
The main sponsor of the race is the Municipality of Jagodnjak!
All details will be published on time.

Description of the race:
Race location: fields and woods around the village of Jagodnjak, and resort Gmajna with a small lake.
The track is 6500 meters long with 14 obstacles to cross. At each obstacle will be the judges who will follow overcoming obstacles.
Senior Extreme run two laps, a total 13 km with 28 obstacles.
The route will be marked with red and white stripes!
By midday the qualifications of 09.00 hours, and the final race is at 17:00.
Announcement of the winners is at 19.00.
Race Kids category is between 14 and 16 hours and for them is a path of 1 km and 5 obstacles.

1.      Senior Extreme  
2.      Senior  18 years>
3.      Seniors Team - one person must be female (gentler) sex
- yes, these can be made up only of the fairer sex
            - team consists of at least 4 persons
4.      Junior - 15-17 years
5.      Kids - 7-9 years; - 10-12 years; and - 13 to 14 years

The deadline for applications is 05.06.2016.

Entries - registration for Combat race 2016 can be made on this LINK. You can also check list of entries HERE.

Entry fee 
1. Senior Extreme - 120 kuna or 17€
2. Senior and Junior - 100 HRK or 14 € 
3. Seniors Team - each team member 100 HRK or 14 €

The entry fee includes:
·         T-shirt
·         drinking glasses (the concert Partibrejkersi) - unlimited consummation chosen one kind of wine
·         entrance to the concert Partibjrejkersa
·         „Fiš“ (authentic dish) after race
·         accommodation in a temporary camp
·         finisher medal

Category Kids do not pay the entry fee unless you want to buy a T-shirt of the race and then it was 50.00 kuna!

Payments on account: IBAN: HR642340091110438102 ......
Payment must be visible to the closing of registration 06.05.2016., otherwise it will be deemed that you have given up participation.
Do not forget that you pay the bank charges!
In cash upon arrival to event office. No cash sending by post.

Accommodation: Overnight accommodation from 09th to 12th June 2016 for those who love adventure will be provided in the area of a football field in Jagodnjak, which are secured showers and toilets. Sleeping in the hall on a hard surface or in a tent on a grassy surface. For all others, see the offer of accommodation on TZ Baranja.

Insured are plaques for the most successful in the senior categories, and awards winning Kulen with this year's Kulenijada and Baranja wine growers.
In the junior category and Kids go prizes and medals.
For each competitor is provided finisher medal!

Obstacles (possible changes of certain barriers, up to a week before the race):
·         wall of straw
·         wall of water
·         firewall
·         Barb Wire
·         wooden wall
·         field of tires
·         wooden ladder
·         spiderweb
·         channel with water
·         mud
·         wooden ark
·         hanging rubber

- For competitors under the age up to 18 years required the presence and consent of     their parents!
- Each competitor starts at own risk
- During the race will be a team of first aid


e-mail address:  npoksova@gmail.com

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